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Genuine Prospects That Convert?

How do you choose leads that are genuinely interested in starting a home business, just like you? Where can you find a lead generation company that takes you and your business seriously - one that actually cares about your success whether you are a leader with 50,000 people in your team or just starting out? You've come to the right place - a place where we make it easy.

Different Approach, Better Results

Target MLM Leads views lead generation and conversion from a prospect's point of view. While other lead companies claim they have the ability to generate quality business opportunity leads that convert, it is usually because they have highly-specialized expertise that, at best, improves your overall recruiting efforts incrementally.

Rather than focusing solely on the technical aspects of how the best home business leads are generated, we are able to dramatically improve overall conversion rates and quality of network marketing leads by adjusting the entire opt-in process through the eyes of your prospects. Our job is to understand what your prospects want and to help them get it. We believe technology and design should follow people, not the other way around.

From our state-of-the-art recruiting and retail business solutions, to our easy to use powerful prospect management system - we've got you covered. When you purchase our leads you know you are getting only the very best leads to help you excel in your business. Let our superior Quality, Service and Expertise work for you to ensure that your experience with is a successful one.

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"My team and I have been working Target MLM Leads for about a month now and have brought in a LOT of new reps and customers. I personally enrolled 4 this week! Keep the quality where it is and we'll keep referring more and more reps to you!"

Kelly, Melaleuca


"Thanks Target MLM Leads for the great leads! I ordered 50 of the real time nationwide and recruited 3. Never before have I gotten that sort of response with other lead companies."

Kathy J., Herbalife


"My husband and I get the real time local leads and the diet leads and have consistent success with both. Highly recommend Target MLM Leads to anyone looking to grow their business."

Janet S., Herbalife